PackageWebsite and SEO/SEM

Value $6,000

The Auction was for Website Design and Development; this could have been a shiny new site or a contribution to a more ambitious venture.

Additionally kickstart, boost or reenergise your website with SEO by Pixi.


With the combined expertise of The Caper Web Solutions and Pixi Limited we wanted to help you to put your best foot forward online. Whether you have no online presence or need a refresh, we could help.

This package offered website design and development services up to $3,000. Depending on your requirements this could be an entire website for a startup just wanting an online “business card” style presence. Or it could have been be a contribution towards a more complex e-commerce site.

BUT…. you don’t just build a hotel out in the middle of the bush and neglect to put roads (or helipads) or cabling for power, phone and internet??

NOW you have your hotel, there is an additional $3,000 to spend on making sure you have guests! This means set up for a Google Adwords account or optimisation on an existing account.

SO the advert for the hotel is out there we need to ensure the guests turning up can afford to stay and will benefit from our speciality cat petting hotel! Let’s make sure noone is allergic…. additional optimisation is provided to promote organic search rankings.

The Caper at Richard Branson Event

The Caper and Virgin Unite