Web Design process

Building your business online - and it was easy. IMAGINE THAT!

For those of you that are new to website building - it can just be that easy. Communication is the key - with a fair smattering of 'listening' thrown in there for good measure.

If this isn't your first rodeo - then you know how much energy this can take. We are here to make sure that you get what you want, when you want, and how you want it... that is our happy place.

How does it get done?


  • Planning time

    Lots of talking - with you and us. Research your industry, your business, your competitors. Plan all the meetings and milestones to make sure we are on time and on budget.

    Gather & create content

    What words are we going to use on this new website? Are there any existing words, are they good words, or do we need to get some new & snazzy writing? Do we need to be found by Google, and have special words?
    And what will the images be? Will we use stock photos?
    Or maybe you will supply the images?
    Or new images?

  • Build it

    Gather the team and build it. The layout. The copy. The images. The graphics. It all comes together. So we create the prototype, setup the database, test on all devices.

    Design it

    How will it function? And how will it look? What does the 'voice' of the website look and sound like? What do the 'forms' look like and how are they going to function?

  • Review it

    Meeting time with you!
    Is it working how it needs to? Does it have the right 'look' for your business?

    Upload it

    Upload it. Configure any email accounts - usually with your IT people. Configure any payment gateways if you have an eCommerce website. Update your domain registrar so everyone know where you are.
    Test again - just to make sure.

    Take it online!

    Set it free in the wonderful world of the web! And watch it grow...

Responsive DESIGN

  • Premium Development

    We have great local developers providing top quality serives direct to you.

  • retina ready

    Ready for all devices.

  • super flexible

    You want a shop, a calendar, database integration? No problem...

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